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Who are we?

Currently, the AAMSX consists of the following people:

Name: Makinavaja
Position: President

Who is?: Gamer of the soft MSXero. Musician msxero apprentice, with several collaborations in titles like word invaders, jawbreaker 2 or Trun.

Name: AL
Position: Treasurer

Who is?: Of profession viciado, of these that began with an Oric 2 and has finished giving everything to him that has buttons, accumulator of scrap varied and inveterate reader.

Name: Rafel Perez (aka JamQue)
Position: Secretary

Who is?: Creative, Nintendo developer, retropixelman. Demoscener. OXiAB founder. Passionate of MSX and contributing with his creations: Hans' Adventure, Stan the dreamer, BitLogic. Català i amant del camp.

Contact: Twitter: @jamqueTPM
Name: MsxKun
Position: Vocal

Who is?: Paxanga Soft member (that means, I code things for MSX: Pengo, Shouganai -soon para Coleco-, Cold Blood -soon para Coleco- , Perfect Fit, Parachuteless Joe, Cow Abductors, Yupipati, Don't Warro be Japo!, Msx Hot Numbers, Beppin Hot Numbers -only Maki has one, he is slotted-, Mr Chef & the Sausages, Eat Blue! 2004, Kame Graphics, MsxSynth, patch for HHGTTG and Leather Goddeses of Phobos in MSX-DOS, and other strange thnigs like AAMSX's music disks).

Contact: WEB: paxangasoft
Name: Julio Gracia (aka mesiasmsx)
Position: Vocal

Who is?: Former editor of the Moai-Tech fancine and collaborator in Call MSX and MSX-Area. Ex-moderator of MRC. Former executive member of the AAMSX and returned through the Hoodoo rite by the Presi. Always willing to water the party to the staff. He declares to be able to live at the expense of the AAMSX and to pass the pension every month.

Name: Roberto Vargas (alias K0ga)
Position: Vocal

Who is?:He is a mnemonic and binary mystery.

Name: Chun
Position: Vocal

Who is?: I collect games and I take people to eat in rich places. I hate the logical doors.

Contact: Twitter: @chunete
Name: Fubu
Position: Vocal

Who is?: Unknown domain.

Contact: WEB:
Name: DoraemonPPC
Position: Vocal

Who is?: Apprentice of everything and master of nothing. I do not lick the seals. Lord of monies and obsolete social networks.

Contact: Mail:
Twitter: @doraemonppc

We also want to remember and thank the work of the people who founded and were part of the AAMSX:

  • Felipe García
  • Javi Lavandeira
  • José María Alonso (Oxtiamacho)
  • Ramón Ribas (MSX-Men)
  • Raúl Ramírez (Traposoft)
  • Vicente Gracia
  • Pol Roca
  • Nestor Soriano (Konamiman)
  • Diego Millán (Bacterion)
  • Francisco Álvarez (SaebaMSX)
  • Armando Pérez (Ramones)
  • Jordi Tor (Mr Melenas)
  • Jordi Morales (Novita)
  • Pere Badalló (pypo)
  • Alberto Orante (mvac7/aorante)

And the gratitude to all those who, without being partners, have given us a hand in the RUs.

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