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Two new booths confirmed!

After a while without his presence in the event, MSXCalamar is back with his cables and replacement parts for our MSX. If nothing goes wrong, we will have Krakengraph lite version units available, a clone of the well known gfx9000 at a very competitive price.

Grayfox77 is back with more second hand games and MSX computers. 

53th RUMSX - here and now
Posted february,28th - 2018

We're back! Engines are on for the next meeting: the 9th of June at the "acts" room in our classical venue, the civic center of Fontana. Feel free to check the section Next RU for more details.

We have the two first confirmations: Our friends from Tentáculo Púrpura and Alma de Origami.


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Results of the X microcompo AY vol3
Posted december,15th - 2017

Finally we have the results of the third AY compo.

We take this opportunity to say thanks to all contestants.

You can listen and download the songs visiting the culturachip website.

  1. CHRd by jvicentemz
  2. May by rolemusic
  3. Bluedream by bitcaffe
  4. Pulmicort by Sultán Paraíso
  5. Menage by Makinavaja
  6. ipping-jaak-chip-love-like-chip by joesg
  7. ay02 by Z23

New booth and talk
Posted december,06th - 2017

The meeting is close and the booth list still grows!

Tromax is back. This time he will be selling second hand material. In his stand we will be able to find games and MSX computers.


On the other hand, a new activity confirmed. Xavirompe, who will be in his booth with his Rookiedrive, will show us his new project: A Wi-Fi card for MSX? We will discover it in the next meeting! The presentation will be at 17:00.

Second hand booth
Posted december,06th - 2017

In the last meeting, AAMSX published a PDF for the second hand booth. This PDF is a form that sellers can fill at home in order to win some time at the meeting start and bring their products already cataloged.

Well... we have updated that PDF, with a new requirement: Now the users should have their products properly tagged. The tag must have the product price and reference that is written in th form.

You can download the new PDF clicking here.

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