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Thank you very much!
Posted january,31st - 2023

To the booths, who offered new content and MSX entertainment.

To the visitors, who helped us by behaving and enjoying while filling the place.

To the UOC for helping us and do everything that they can making everything possible. Without their help this meeting would have not been possible.

To ConexiónMSX, for leading the space for the talks during all the day.

And above all, to Dr. Kazuhiko Nishi: For rewarding us with his presence, for being so close to the people and for giving such an interesting talk.

To everyone, from the AAMSX, thank you for making RU59 one of the most important user meetings in the history of the AAMSX.

See you on the 60th RUMSX!

Live streaming
Posted january,27th - 2023

One of the big deals of using Can Jaumandreu for next users meetings, its the possibility to use their audio/video infrastructure. Thanks to this, all the activities scheduled will be live streamed on youtube.

Those who cant come to the users meeting can enjoy the Dr. Kazuhiko Nishi DEVCON#2 and all the scheduled activities by our friends from Conexion MSX in this youtube live video. Also, the visitors can see the live streaming of the DEVCON#2 at the big screen available at the arcade zone.

Registration for the meeting
Posted january,27th - 2023

As you all know, this time the meeting will be taking place in Can Jaumandreu, a space managed by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. This space is far bigger than the ones from the previous meetings and with this we are sure that everyone has the space required. In any case, the UOC requires that every visitant is required in order ot have a better control of the capacity and limitations. This will help us for the sizing and reorganization of the event if needed.

Notice that if you are not an organizer, speaker or you do not have a booth you need to register here.

Last minute booth: Imanok
Posted january,26th - 2023

Yes, Imanok is back a not with empty hands. First, he will have several cartridge of his last two games: Tina’s Adventure Island and Shump! Kai. Also, there will be a scoop with the presentation of his new game still in development: Chikubi Ninja, an action game for MSX2 that, also, if you play it on an MSX2+ or turboR computer it will have extra features.

Konami's soccer tournament
Posted january,26th - 2023

What is a meeting without a tournament?  The guys from MSXparatodos will organize it in this meeting!

There will even be a prize, also provided by MSXparatodos: a portable gaming console with games preloaded!

You will be able to sign yourself after the DEVCON#2, approximately at 12:15 in the arcade zone. When there are enough participants, the tournament will start.

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