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Kai Magazine in the RU52
Posted november,23rd - 2017

Kai Magazine will not miss the chance, and he comes back with a new videogame!

Myths & Dragons, a beat'em up with RPG details for one or two players. The game works on MSX2 or better (MSX2+ or TurboR recommended) with 64KB of RAM equipped with any v9990 graphic card (GFX9000, v9990 powergraph, or the future krakengraph).

It's supposed that in their booth you'll also find for sale other games from their catalog.

Deadline extended for the X MICROCOMP AY vol3
Posted november,21st - 2017

This 20th of November the deadline was met for the thirth AY compo. However, due to the low participation, the organization has decided to extend the deadline one more week. So, everyone that want to finish their square wave compositions, now you have until the 27th of November to do so.

Good luck with your Tracker!

MSX Area and CustomMSX
Posted november,09th - 2017

The booth list for the next user meeting is still growing. This time we have a very anticipated return and, on the other side, a usual booth on the meetings.

MSX Area is finally back with their magazine issue number 8. 60 full color pages filled with content about our beloved MSX. The price is 9€ and you will be able to obtain it on their booth in the user meeting.

We also have CustomMSX, who will return with their custom made 1chip MSX, ready to be tested by the assistants including the last updates on the machine.

Paxanga Soft's new game!
Posted november,02nd - 2017

After many years of long wait, Paxanga Soft finally has their new game: Yokai no Atsuki Tatakai. This game is an Action RPG game for MSX computer compatible with all generations. This game will be released exclusively on the meeting but after that you'll be able to buy it at MSXCartridgeShop.

In order to start the hype machine, Paxanga Soft has published a video trailer with the presentation of the game.

Tencátulo púrpura and Alma de origami
Posted october,25th - 2017

Finally we get started with the first confirmations for the incomming user meeting. The first to confirm have been our friends from tentaculopúrpura They will fill a couple of tables with TVs and MSX computers, as the retroscroll crew, and you'll be able to play with them!

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