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Second Hand Market Service
Posted january,14th - 2020

As every year, we offer you the second-hand market section so you can sell any MSX product that you do not use (games, hardware, books, magazines, ...).

This service is free so we ask that, in order to be agile and not overload our collaborators, follow the rules:

  • Only up to 15 items per person can be placed.
  • All the material for sale must be 100% related to the MSX.
  • The second-hand market closes at 15:00.  After 15:00, the AAMSX won't be responsible of any product placed on the second-hand market booth.
  • Download, print and fill out the product list form. (Download form here)
  • Label the products (if possible, in the upper part of the front), with the reference and the price.

If you have any questions, you can contact us in the mail of the association that you will find on our WEB.

Posted january,14th - 2020

A last hour invited booth: Retromaniacs comes back to visit us.

They will  be there so you can know their association and inform us about the activities that they do. They'll have in their booth arcade machines (their speciallity) and some MSX computers. Ready to play?


Retroscroll and tournament
Posted january,14th - 2020

We couldn't forget about our friends from Retroscroll. They will be at the user meeting making it funnier with their arcade zone for the visitors who want to play a bit.

But wait! There is more! We will have again a tournament!

This time we repeat game with the marvelous Tetris from Kralizec, which you can download here if you want to get some practice. 

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CustoMSX and news about Pablibiris
Posted january,14th - 2020

News keep on coming: CustoMSX will be with us and Pablibiris has some new stuff.

CustoMSX is back with their artisan MSX implemented in a FPGA with a lot of extras.

On the other side, Pablibiris has announced more new stuff that we will be able to find in his booth.

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Talks at the 56th User Meeting
Posted january,12th - 2020

With the User Meeting almost there, it's time to announce the talks we will have after lunch.

The first one "Internet, Connectivity and Networks with MSX" will be moderated by Conexión MSX and the developers Konamiman and Xavirompe will be participating.

The second talk will be "From Hard to Soft with Benji", where, thanks to Konamito, we will have Benjamin Llamas, ex-journalist of the MSX-Club magazine. In this talk we will speak with him about what he had lived in the magazine.

The talks will start at 17:00, being the first one, "Internet, Connectivity and Networks with MSX". As we don't know the exact length of the talk, we cannot assure at which time will the talk finish, but the second will start just afterwards.

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