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Video of the 20th meeting
Posted february,05th - 2013
We recovered historical material of December 8, 2001, when it celebrated the 20th MSX Users Meeting. It is the oldest video we have and was recorded by Nestor Soriano (Konamiman), ex-member of the AAMSX, which we appreciate that you have shared with us all.

Report about the MSX in versió beta
Posted february,04th - 2013

At the 42 meeting, the team came from the TV show "versió beta" from Visió Vallès channel, producing a report about the MSX. It aired on January 18 and now we can see it online on their website.

We want to send our thanks for your work and for your great deal.

Disc 20th Anniversary for download
Posted december,14th - 2012

For those who at the last meeting didn't managed to get the disc 20th anniversary disk from the AAMSX, we have uploaded to the Miscellaneous>Files section a image (DSK) of the disk, so you can enjoy all the software included on it.

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More updates and a bad new
Posted december,11th - 2012

MATRA informs us about a new release on his booth: Well, there are two, two books presented and published for the first time for this users meeting:
The first book is 'The legend of Konami', 240 pages reviewing everything published by Konami for the MSX computers, the best present to celebrate the 30th aniversary of the MSX standard. It costs 30€. The second book is 'Beauty Bits & Lipsticks', a compilation with more than 220 pages with pictures of pretty girls from different computer and hardware ads, something Taschen style. It costs 24€. If you purchase both books, the final price will be 50€, getting a 4€ discount.

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More updates for the users meeting
Posted december,09th - 2012

There is only one week left until the 42th users meeting, and here we've got more news.

Lets start with a new booth: Legend T-shirt. Legend T-shirt will offer t-shirt. Their t-shirt are not decorated with vinyl or stickers, they have high quality stamped t-shirts. They also offer embroidered ones as well. You can see their catalog clicking here.

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