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Posted september,29th - 2016

Here it is, finally. Its time for the 25th anniversary... yes, 25 years of users meetings!. Right now, we've got date and place: Saturday 3rd of December at espai jove la Fontana. Anyway, this time we're not going to use the same room used on the last users meeting. Instead of it, we're going to hire the auditorium placed on the underground floor of the building.

This new room is bigger but, for security reasons, we're not able to use the same number of tables used on the last users meeting. On the other hand, everything will be more comfortable, and also we will be able to use the stage, the professional sound system and the big video projector installed there.

Right now, all those interested on a booth can start the reservations. Shortly we will inform of new stuff as soon as they're confirmed.

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More games?
Posted june,15th - 2016

Yes, this users meeting is going to set a new record.

If you haven't got enough with the already confirmed games for the next users meeting (Bitlogic, Rune Master, Uwol, Spring warrior, Head over Heels MSX2, SpBattle Myos Simplicity, or the patch for the castlevania MSX2 game), here you've got another new game: Trun.

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Cyberpunk MSX
Posted june,13th - 2016

Well, on the next users meeting you will find...


It's been a while since the AAMSX started to bring, if it was possible, a guest group or platform to the users meeting. Since then, the users meeting has invited platforms like the Commodore, the Amiga, the Atari 8 and 16bit, the Amstrad, the Spectrum, or groups like Lowtoy, specialized on chiptune music and circuit bending. Now, it's time for one of those manufacturers that worked in Spain: The Dragon.

With the help of Tromax and retromaniacs, in this users meeting we will have a booth with several computers from Dragon. Computers like the Dragon32, the Dragon64 or the quite rare DragonMSX will be there.

Here we've got more news
Posted june,01st - 2016

Lets start with a new game, on floppy disk format. The Oniric Factor team, after bringing us their game Dribol on the last users meeting, they present us a new game: Spring warrior, a platform game with a game style similar to games like City Connection. You can purchase the game on the AAMSX booth. Be careful and purchase it fast, because it is a limited release with few copies for selling!

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