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ARCADE and Conecta2 games
Posted april,30th - 2018

More booths confirmed! Today, two more!

On one side, the guys from the association A.R.C.A.D.E. will be visiting us as invited platform/group. In their booth they will be showing what is their association about, their activities and meetings. Moreover, they will have several arcade boards connected to tube TVs and arcade machines for you to play!

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Hikaru games – Children of the night
Posted april,26th - 2018

As you may know, the new game by Hikaru games is coming: Children of the Night, an action RPG game for MSX computers from any generation with a minimum of 64KB of RAM. The game includes graphical improvements if a MSX2 or superior is used, if available it also uses the PCM (TurboR machines) and it allows to save data on the cartridge and using passwords.

Sadly, Hikaru Games members won't be able to be at the event, therefore the games will be available at the AAMSX booth. If you don't want to lose the opportunity, there is a reservation process open in the website of their publisher, micromancers. You'll be able to do the reservation there and get it in our booth. For each game sold, Hikaru Games is donating 3€ to the AAMSX. Thank you very much!

For more information, please check micromancers.

Tournament game for the next RU
Posted april,25th - 2018

An activity that is never missing in the RUMSX is the videogame tournament.

For this edition we already have a game selected, thanks to Juanmi from MSXarea who gave us the idea. The selected game is Touwtrekken, tug of war in english.

You can download the game in the following link.

As usual, the tournament will be organized by our friends of Retroscroll, who never miss a RU!

MATRA y Tromax, fundas del pasado
Posted april,24th - 2018

New two confirmations!

We start with Tromax, who will be in his booth, fundas del pasado (translated as "covers from the past") selling covers for our MSX. These covers are ideal for transportation or to protect our machines from the dust. These covers are handmade, made with elastic cloth and tailor-made.

On the other corner we have MATRA. At this moment there is no new game, however we will be able to find reeditions and stock of previously published games.

Two new booths confirmed!

After a while without his presence in the event, MSXCalamar is back with his cables and replacement parts for our MSX. If nothing goes wrong, we will have Krakengraph lite version units available, a clone of the well known gfx9000 at a very competitive price.

Grayfox77 is back with more second hand games and MSX computers. 

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