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First confirmed booths
Posted june,08th - 2012

Here we've got the first group of confirmed booths for the next users meeting.

Let's start with MATRA.  On his well know software catalog, we will find two new games:Princess Quest and Mecha8.

Then, we have Aivalahostia, who will visit us again to show us his home made 1chip MSX computer.  A new oportunity to discover this fantastic machine, to those who couldn't visit the last users meeting.

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Party Zone: New space in RUMSX
Posted june,06th - 2012

If you are a creative and restless person, no matter whether expert or novice and you like the MSX, pixelated taste, square wavesprogramming BASIC language  or coding with few resources to the limit ... this is your space.

During the next 41th MSX Users Meeting you'll be able to enjoy 10 hours of creativity. We offer you a space for exchange, knowledge and expression in 8-bit MSX. You just have to come with your MSX, laptop or tablet, and show us what you do, what you like, what you are able to make it work and follow the MSX standard.

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41RU Invitation intro
Posted june,04th - 2012

To encourage you to attend and participate in the next 41 RU, here you have to download an MSX invitro (MSX2 enhanced). Requires a MSX with 16k of RAM minimum.

The code and graphics are of mvac7 and Iggy Rock contributes with his music-player (WYZ) and a fabulous AY adaptation Song, Sewer Surfin from the game TMNT 4 Turtles in Time of superNES.

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New meeting and new banner.  Finally we have updated the next meeting section on the website so you can visit it just making click on the banner.

Now, anybody interested on it can make a reservation for booths, so hurry up!!

41th MSX users meeting
Posted april,25th - 2012

Hi again to everybody. After a little pause and a waiting time, finally we can confirm date and place for the next 41th Barcelona MSX users meeting. The date its the next 16th June, at the meetings room of Centre la Fontana, at Gran de Gràcia street, 190, on Barcelona city.


In short, we will upload all the information about the meeting (scheduled hours, activities, booths..)

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