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53th MSX Barcelona users meeting
December 2018
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Where & when

The meeting is going to be celebrated next Saturday 9th of June 2018, at the Meetings room from Centre jove la Fontana , located at 190th Gran de Gracia street, near the Fontana metro station (L3, green).

The doors will be opened to the public at 11:15am, but expositors will be able to enter at 10:00am to prepare the booths.

You can arrive by using the Metro, Fontana station, L3 (the green one), and walking 1 minute from there.

If you need more info about how to arrive there, just click on the map to see its location on google maps.

Show what and how you work with your MSX. Bring your laptop, your MSX computer, or whatever tool you use, and show us your artwork in MSX.
Book your space, contact us.

Retroscroll presents the playing area for players, visitors, for everyone. Do not be shy:

Come and play with any of the
MSX computers therein.

If you want a specific game, let us know and
we will try to get it for you.

Scheduled activities

Note: The activities schedule can change easily so, the hours showed on the table aren't accurate.

10:00h - Free access only to expositors.
11:15h - Opening doors.
12:30h - RETROSCROLL Game contest

The game contest this year isn't decided yet.

It will take place at Arcade Zone

15:00h - Hardware workshop

Contact us and bring your defective hardware. Maybe we can repair it and bring it back to life. Of course, the hardware workshop is open to everyone so, if you want to help, teach or repair, just come, propose and start. Everyone is welcome. The perfect place to learn, discover an show. Not all the computer can be repaired, there are hw impossible to repair for us.
It's mandatory that you make a reservation contacting with us via e-mail.

19:30h - Closing doors

We request the public assistant that please don't wait at the entry while the expositor are mounting the stands. Its just to avoid people agglomerations.

During the first hour (the installation from 10am to 11am), only two members of each stand are allowed to be on the room.

The material showed at the stands must be 100% MSX related. Only the guest platform stand is allowed to show material of the platform its showing. Also, if you're showing another material but you've got reasonable reason (merchandising, t-shirts, any association info...), it can be allowed by the AAMSX. Personal computers are allowed too when they're used for the stand (for copying files to a flash card, for showing videos, emulators, ...). Anyway, if you've got any questions about that, don't hesitate and send us and e-mail with your question about it and we will answer you as soon as possible.

It's forbidden the use of powerful speakers, and the max height allowed n ever will be higher than 25cm.

During the meeting, both exhibitors and visitors, please everybody must have a friendly behavior with all the visitors, trying to avoid any conduct which might disturb other people. Also, we ask you please keep quiet during the stands presentation, so the other visitors can listen everything without problems.

Consumption of alcohol is forbidden during the event.

Confirmed booths

The AAMSX will be there to inform visitors about last news on the AAMSX affairs.

On the AAMSX booth you will find several games edited by the AAMSX and, maybe, new games too.

AAMSX will held the classic little 2nd hand material market where all visitor can sell all kind of MSX related hardware and software. The 2nd hand market will be opened from 11:30am until 15:00pm After 15:00, AAMSX isn't going to be responsible for any of the items exposed for selling on the 2nd hand market booth.

Retroscroll - LINK

The website specialized classic videogames is back again with a great booth. Besides the promotion of their website, they also are going to colaborate with the AAMSX, with an impressive Arcade Zone where you will find several computers connected to CRT televisions set. The best place to enjoy playing on real msx comptuers.

Alma de Origami - LINK

Alma de Origami is back with a wide variety of merchandising on their stand.

Tentáculo púrpura - LINK

The guys from the retrovideogames website tentáculo púrpura nos visitará are going to visit us with several MSX computers so visitors can enjoy playing with them during the fair.


Grayfox77 is back with his MSX Computer and Videogames sale. If you don't have one yet, it's a good chance!

MSX Calamar - LINK

Booth specialized on hw and spares for you msx computers: wires, diskdrives, adaptors... If you want something special, just contact him via email and he will have it ready for the users meeting.


The room where the meeting is celebrated isn't big. That's why we recommend to all possible expositors that please make the reservation as soon as possible. This will be good to everybody because you get more guarantees of getting your own stand and also, this will encourage more visitors to the users meetings when they see that there are a lot of confirmed expositors. Last year, only one stand place was free, but this year maybe all the available places will be occupied.

This year, the room where the users meetings is going to be celebrated, has been changed for another one, so, the tables has changed too. The new sizes are 200*80.

As other years, the access for visitors to the users meeting its free. Also, the stands are free too, but these expositors that only have 2nd hand games for sale must pay for the stand.

Here its de prices list:

  • If your stand only has got 2nd hand games, you must pay 20€
  • If your stand has got 2nd hand game but it also has computers for sale, you must pay 20€. Also, for every computer for selling found in your stand, the final price of the stand will be reduced 3€.
  • If your stand represents any MSX related association, a coders group, MSX website, MSX merchandise, MSX music... the stand will be free.
  • If you are a game, aplications or software developer for MSX, your space is the Party Zone and is also free registration.

Also, the 2nd hand stand service organized by the AAMSX will be free too.

If you want to make a reservation, please contact us at info.aamsx(AT)gmail(dot)com, The mail must include the name of the stand, a web address related with the stand (if there is any) and a little description about what are you going to show in you stand.

As soon as we receive the mail we will answer you with the confirmation of your reserve.

Material renting

You also can make a reserve of material: MSX computers or televisions for your stand. If you're not from Barcelona, and you don't want come by car, you've got the possibility of use another transport and forget the problem of taking with you any heavy and annoying luggage. You can rent us any hardware you need and we will take it to the users meeting for you. Here its the price of every hardware:

  • MSX1 computer withouth disk drive -> 10 euros.
  • MSX2 computer with disk drive -> 15 euros.
  • MSX2+ computer -> 20 euros.
  • MSX TurboR computer -> 25 euros.
  • Normal Television 14'' -> 15 euros
  • High quality 14''TV (Sony CRT) -> 20 euros

If you want another special hardware (like flash cartridges, network cartridges, slot expansors, FMPAC,...) please first ask about it on the reservation mail, and we will check it if it's possible or not and how much you must pay for it.
Send a mail to us at info.aamsx(at)gmail(dot)com, with stand name, and a small description of what you'll need.

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