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Our photo gallery need you!
Posted may,29th - 2021
Now three User Meeting dates without meeting has passed. Maybe because of this we got hands to work and now our gallery has more photos.

Anyways, there are some user meetings without any pictures. We need photos! The oldest meeting that we have is the 15th, but we have no image of the 14 before that one. Because of this, we ask for your help! Do you have any photo from a meeting that we're not covering? Do you have any interesting picture that you want to upload? Do you want just to share with us your photos? Is there any photo in the website that you made and you're not marked as author?

If you reply to any of this questions "yes", please contact with us by email. We will gladly accept your photos!'

Posted july,08th - 2020

Hello everyone,

In these last days we have been asked about the following user metting. Given that the current situation and the unstability of the following months in terms of health normatives, we won't be able to do the user meeting in the way we like.

The user meetings organized by the AAMSX are presential events. There are great channels online on YouTube or Twitch that are already speaking about the new  things ongoing for MSX. You can check the following channels (mostly in spanish):

Conexion Msx

Konamito - msxblog

Spectrumero Javi Ortiz

Amiga Wave

Juanje Juega


They are the perfect alternative in these days and we believe that they are more than appropiate for the task.

However, you have not been freed from us! The user meetings will come back! See you on winter.


Thank you all for your support.


Archive update: AAMSX 25th anniversary DSK
Posted january,31st - 2020

We have updated our archive with a new DSK: the DSK which we sold in the RU50 for the 25th anniversary of the association. This DSK contains the invitation to the RU and a game, MSXWars v.1.2 by 303BCN & TPM.

We hope you enjoy it!

Meeting clausure and archive update
Posted january,24th - 2020

Once again the user meeting ended. We hope that you have had a good experience and that you're ready for the next one. Please do not hesitate in contacting us for any comment that you may have by email.

On the other hand, we have updated the archive with all the music disks. Enjoy!

Thanks to all of you that have bought the disk as it gives an economical support to the association. In case that you want a copy, they will be still available in the next user meeting.

Artemisa and Omega are two new projects inside of the MSX hardware world which are hot topic. They are designs of new  boards 100% MSX functional, which use original components.


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