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60th MSX Barcelona users meeting
July 2023
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Where and when

The meeting is going to be celebrated next Saturday 1st of July 2023, at the Meetings room from Centre jove la Fontana , located at 190th Gran de Gracia street, near the Fontana metro station (L3, green).

The doors will be opened to the public at 11:15am, but expositors will be able to enter at 10:00am to prepare the booths.

You can arrive by using the Metro, Fontana station, L3 (the green one), and walking 1 minute from there.

If you need more info about how to arrive there, just click here to see its location on google maps.


Show what and how you work with your MSX. Bring your laptop, your MSX computer, or whatever tool you use, and show us your artwork in MSX.
Book your space, contact us.

MSX para todos presents the playing area for players, visitors, for everyone. Do not be shy:

Come and play with any of the
MSX computers therein.

If you want a specific game, let us know and
we will try to get it for you.

Scheduled activities

Note: The activities schedule can change easily so, the hours showed on the table aren't accurate.

10:00h - Free access only to expositors
11:15 - Opening doors.

Doors are opened to visitors.

11:15 Conexión MSX Conference room Opening

This year our friends of Conexion MSX will be masters of ceremonies in the conference room.

A room equipped to attend well to all the talks and to make a streaming of all.

You can follow all on the YouTube channel of the AAMSX.

11:45 RELEASE - [Conexión MSX Room]

Felix Espina brings updates from FX Software

12:00 [Conexión MSX Room] On the way to Goto40, with Koen Dols

Do you want to come to MSXGoto40? All the information, and first hand by one of the organizers.

12:45 RELEASE - Sprites editor for MSX2 [Sala Conexión Room]


Introducing Sprites Editor MSX2 V9938 for PC.

PC editor that generates and paint sprites for then to be exported to MSX2.

16:00 TALK - Evolving MSXVR [Conexión MSX Room]

Xavi Sorinas and Julio Gracia

Do you have an MSXVR? Well, you don't know what's coming your way. Do you want to know? Then come.

17:30 WORKSHOP - HDMI with MSX1 [Conexión MSX Room]


Alternatives to the TMS9918! You don't have a CRT? This might be interesting for you...

19:30 - 20:00 End of the users meeting

It's time to tidy up everything as it was


We request the public assistant that please don't wait at the entry while the expositor are mounting the stands. Its just to avoid people agglomerations.

During the the installation (from 10am to 11:15am), only two members of each booth are allowed to be on the room.

The material showed at the stands must be 100% MSX related. Only the guest platform stand is allowed to show material of the platform its showing. Also, if you're showing another material but you've got reasonable reason (merchandising, t-shirts, any association info...), it can be allowed by the AAMSX. Personal computers are allowed too when they're used for the stand (for copying files to a flash card, for showing videos, emulators, ...). Anyway, if you've got any questions about that, don't hesitate and send us an e-mail with your question about it and we will answer you as soon as possible.

It's forbidden the use of powerful speakers, and the max height allowed n ever will be higher than 25cm.

During the meeting, both exhibitors and visitors, please everybody must have a friendly behavior with all the visitors, trying to avoid any conduct which might disturb other people. Also, we ask you please keep quiet during the stands presentation, so the other visitors can listen everything without problems.

Consumption of alcohol is forbidden during the event.

Confirmed booths
CustomMSX - LINK

CustomMSX, never failing to come to any meeting, will be there with very interesting things such as their own artisan 1Chip or their Steampunk Edition of OmegaMSX that was very appealing to the users in the previous meeting.

Flashjacks - RetroMSX - LINK

All about the Flashjacks cartridge. One FlashRom, one RAM, one SD drive, OPL3, PCM, COVOX, SN76489, FMPAC, SCC/SCC+, PSG and one slot expander. More information on their website.

FutureDisk - LINK

He will present two issues of his disks magazine, 48 and 49. Inside we will be able to find quite interesting content, completed games and demos. More info on the FutureDisk MSX twitter.

MoltSXalats - LINK

Group of passionate MSX users who have decided to share their knowledge and experience in developing software for MSX using the C programming language.


Juanmi from MSX Area presents a new number of their magazine. And we are very happy about it! Printed magazines are always welcome after several years without them. 68 pages full of very interesting MSX content will wait for you in their 10th number of the magazine.

MSX Calamar - LINK

In his booth you'll be able to buy the classic cables, adapters and replacement parts available in his website.

MSXparatodos - LINK

Specialists in getting you playing MSX. You will see a complete collection of Konami boxes. You will be able to play MSX2, MSX2+ computers and a bartop [Arcade machine] with MSX emulation. And if you haven't played Pampas y Selene, you can do so.
They will also teach you how to make "repro" boxes to store those cartridges you have alone around the house.

Retroscroll - LINK

They will make us enjoy the game as always in the Arcade Zone. Come play and enjoy with the whole family.

Rocketman - Dani Tear

Developers of Rocketman video game.

Stand de la AAMSX

The AAMSX will be there to inform visitors about last news on the AAMSX affairs and also will be the info point for visitors.

Z80Workshop - LINK

Z80workshop hardware builders for developers: megarom multimapper cartridge and cartridge with standalone mp3 playback support.

Dani Padilla - LINK

It will present an interface that we will connect to the msx joystick port.
Provides the msx with a usb IN midi connection.
With this interface, and by means of a rom that will detect all the audio chips connected to our msx, we will be able to use the msx as a synth, and sequence it from any daw or midi keyboard.
On the other hand, and if you have time, I would bring 2 casio msx1 MX-10 with a pretty tremendous mod: it turns the mx-10 into a msx2 with 4MB of ram, which would make it the smallest msx2 of all.
I would also be selling kits with the expansion board for DIY. The booth will be next to Grayfox.

MSXmakers! - LINK

MSXMakers are back with a booth to show us their MSX projects they are working in: Open projects, documented so that everyone can build them at home: MSX2+ Omega computers, floppy drive controller, FM-PAC cartridges... In their booth you will find them to resolve any kind of doubt you have related to these projects.

Alma de Origami - LINK

Sale of diverse handicraft merchandise of retro videogames, such as magnets, key rings, etc...


Grayfox, visits us again with a booth full of MSX stuff for selling: computers, games, cards, japanese disk magazines...

Xavirompe - LINK

Aside from the well known Rookiedrive, this time Xavirompe will present new stuff:

Breaker Pad units and boxes for external floppy drives that the Rookiedrive can read now.

He will only be present in the morning at the RUMSX.


Fundas del pasado - LINK

Tromax will come again with Fundas del pasado, to cover and protect from dust all kinds of computers of peripherals like keyboards, TV sets or printers. Also, we will find some MSX 3D printed figures.


The room where the meeting is celebrated isn't big. That's why we recommend to all possible expositors that please make the reservation as soon as possible. This will be good to everybody because you get more guarantees of getting your own stand and also, this will bring more visitors to the users meetings when they see that there are a lot of confirmed expositors. Last year, only one stand place was free, but this year maybe all the available places will be occupied.

This year, the room where the users meetings is going to be celebrated, has been changed for another one, so, the tables has changed too. The new sizes are 200*80.

As other years, the access for visitors to the users meeting its free. Also, the stands are free too, but these expositors that only have 2nd hand games for sale must pay for the stand.

Here its de prices list:

  • If your stand only has got 2nd hand games, you must pay 40€
  • If your stand has got 2nd hand game but it also has computers for sale, you must pay 40€. Also, for every computer for selling found in your stand, the final price of the stand will be reduced 3€.
  • If your stand represents any MSX related association, a coders group, MSX website, MSX merchandise, MSX music... the stand will be free.

To book your own booth, just click here and fill the form. We will receive you request, and the booth will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Material renting

You also can make a reserve of material: MSX computers or televisions for your stand. If you're not from Barcelona, and you don't want come by car, you've got the possibility of use another transport and forget the problem of taking with you any heavy and annoying luggage. You can rent us any hardware you need and we will take it to the users meeting for you. Here its the price of every hardware:

  • MSX1 computer withouth disk drive -> 20 euros.
  • MSX2 computer with disk drive -> 30 euros.
  • MSX2+ computer -> 40 euros.
  • MSX TurboR computer -> 50 euros.
  • Normal Television 14'' -> 30 euros
  • High quality 14''TV (Sony CRT) -> 40 euros
Second Hand Market Service

As every year, we offer you the second-hand market section so you can sell any MSX product that you do not use (games, hardware, books, magazines, ...).

This service is free so we ask that, in order to be agile and not overload our collaborators, follow the rules:

  • Only up to 15 items per person can be placed.
  • All the material for sale must be 100% related to the MSX.
  • The second-hand market closes at 15:00
  • Download, print and fill out the product list form. (Download form here)
  • Label the products (if possible, in the upper part of the front), with the reference and the price.

If you have any questions, you can contact us in the mail of the association that you will find on our WEB.

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